What is a hotel?

This is an establishment that provides short term accommodation, meals and entertainment facilities. Hotels fall into different categories depending on the number of rooms available, its location, the quality of facilities and the range of facilities available for clients to use. We explore south kensington hotels and why you should consider straying there.

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Why do people stay in hotels?

People may stay in hotels when travelling away from their primary residences either for business or for leisure. Another reason is to take a break from the day to day activities especially when things have been rough. People may also stay in hotels if they just moved in to a certain area and are yet to identify and lease a house. Hotels are also synonymous with fun activities and therefore, people may stay in hotels to attend a specific event whether it is being held in their hometown or not.

Hotels are also popular due to the services offered. When staying in hotels, you need not worry about preparing meals, taking care of laundry, cleaning and so on. They therefore present an opportunity to guests to concentrate on their core business or activities and avoid the hustle and bustle of daily chores. This is ideal for busy people. There are even hotels that offer long term accommodation facilities for individuals who may be in town for several weeks but would prefer hotels to leasing a house.

Hotels provide a secure, readily accessible and inclusive accommodation option for those who may not know the area well. This accompanied by the wide range of dishes available to sample, the opportunity to meet and interact with people from different areas in the world is also a great reason to stay in hotels.

What is a boutique hotel and what makes a hotel boutique?

A boutique hotel is usually a small hotel which has between ten and a hundred rooms. Boutique hotels usually have a specific theme, are stylish in their own right or are aspirational in nature. Most boutique hotels fall within the affordable accommodation spectrum although some boutique hotels may be targeting the high end clientele and therefore expensive. Boutique hotels may incorporate spas, high end gyms, yoga facilities, painting classes and other exotic activities to attract different types of clients.

What are common features of a hotel?

All hotels have accommodation facilities although their quality and size varies across board. Hotels also have restaurants where guests and visitors can dine. Recreation facilities are also common although this differ depending on the target group and the location of the hotel. They may include swimming pools, pitches and grounds for different sporting activities and spa facilities. Given the inclination towards healthy tendencies, most hotels have incorporated facilities that help clients achieve their goals such as different work out facilities accompanied by trained and experienced personnel to oversee their operations.

When looking for accommodation, it is good to compare the deals from different facilities to improve your chances of getting the most affordable accommodation. However, you should never compromise on the quality of facilities or the safety and security in the hotel just to save money.